Lawmaker Introduces Another Proposed Tax on Violent Games

Republican lawmaker Diane Franklin of the Missouri House of Representatives is calling for a sales tax on all violent video games in response to the recent elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Her proposal is to put a one percent sales tax on such games, after which all proceeds would go to “finance mental health programs and law enforcement measures to curb mass shootings,” details KSDK.

The tax would affect all games rated “Teen,” “Mature” and “Adult Only” by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

“Franklin’s proposal is the latest in a string of measures in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 20 students and six adults,” notes the post. “Another Missouri Republican has filed a measure allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom.”

However, similar legislation introduced in recent years failed to pass. The Entertainment Software Association fought against one of the proposals in California last year, which the ESA won after it went to the Supreme Court.

“The U.S. Supreme Court ruled only 18 months ago that laws penalizing video games are unconstitutional,” commented the ESA about the Missouri law. “Taxing First Amendment protected speech based on its content is not only wrong, but will end up costing Missouri taxpayers.”