Connected Devices: Will Apple Launch an iWatch in 2013?

Rumors surrounding new Apple products have always been prevalent, but since the passing of Steve Jobs, swirling speculations are more often correct than not, as it seems the stronghold on complete secrecy within the company has been loosened. That’s one reason A Blog To Watch believes rumors that an Apple iWatch (smartwatch device) are true — and, it also believes, it could hit shelves this year.

“The questions then are what will an iWatch product do? What will make it special? What features will it have? And for me, how will it change or influence the larger timepiece market?” writes Ariel Adams for A Blog To Watch.

First, the article addresses the market for an iWatch device: “Futurists tend to agree that as connected devices become more and more part of our daily routine, they will be less put in our pocket and more worn on our bodies. The wrist watch is a fantastic example.”

Adams surmises that Apple would use curved screens (something it just filed a patent for) instead of the long relied upon flat screen for portable devices. Technologically, it would need to include voice control capabilities as “inputting information would not be ideal using fingers on an iWatch.”

It will also need Bluetooth or some similar connectivity, an OLED screen, motion and light sensors and seamless integration with other devices.

So what’s been the hold up up until now? Why hasn’t Apple or some other major tech manufacturer come up with a really good smartwatch? “Issues like battery life, poor connectivity options, screen issues, and a confusing value proposition for consumers are the main reasons an iWatch or other smartwatches aren’t more popular,” according to the article.

“There is however no doubt that a more than significant level of consumer interest exists for wearable devices, and that certainly leaves a gaping market hole that Apple can fill with an iWatch,” suggests Adams. “Smart tech sites all seem to agree that 2013 will be the start of a new era of smartwatches whether produced by Apple or merely designed to integrate with Apple products.”