Is Gamification the Future of Work for Next Generation?

  • chief scientist JP Rangaswami recently spoke at the ReadWriteWeb’s 2Way Summit about how game mechanics are impacting many aspects of our lives, with the enterprise poised to be next.
  • Rangaswami outlined what he sees as a new direction of “gamification” shaping the future of work.
  • A new generation of knowledge workers have different expectations and are motivated differently than workers before them.
  • Rangaswami explains that one way to motivate this generation is by incorporating game mechanics into the workplace, particularly as a means of rewarding performance (such as rewarding symbolic tokens like Foursquare badges).
  • According to the ReadWriteWeb article (which includes a video of Rangaswami’s session): “This type of gaming convention is familiar to the new generation of workers, most of which are digital natives who, even if they’re not gamers, have dealt with game mechanics in social media and other aspects of their lives.”
  • Yet Rangaswami warns against “putting the lipstick of gamification on the pig of work.” He suggests that if the work is not inherently rewarding, adding a layer of game mechanics is not a quick fix.


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  2. Do you buy it?

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