Google and LG Partner on New Smartwatch for June Launch

After successful launches of the Nexus 4 and 5 smartphones, Google and LG are creating a new smartwatch which will likely debut at the Google I/O conference in June. Google will be responsible for creating the software and logistical aspects of the product launch, while LG will be in charge of manufacturing the product. Wearable technology continues to generate significant buzz; according to Juniper Research the market will be worth $19 billion by 2018.

The new Google and LG smartwatch will incorporate the Google Now voice assistant and search feature, which is also one of the key features of Google Glass.

Thus far, sales of smartwatches have been relatively slow. Many consumers complain that smartwatches are too bulky — or fashionable, but lacking in functionality.

Google’s main competitor in the smartwatch industry, Samsung, heavily pushed its Galaxy Gear in 2013. The newest models of the Gear smartwatch use the Tizen operating system, which Samsung helped create.

Sony is another player in the smartwatch market. Apple and HTC are also believed to be joining the smartwatch game in the near future.

“Google’s planned smartwatch rounds out a wide portfolio of products that it is directly selling through its Google Play store, making it more of a destination for hot tech gadgets. There is, of course, Google Glass, its other big push in the wearables arena, as well as its Nexus phones and a number of other high-profile smartphones running on pure Android and labeled as ‘Google Play Edition’ devices,” reports CNET.

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