Facebook to Aim for TV Dollars by Delivering Video Ads to News Feed

According to sources briefed on the company’s plans, Facebook “is set to unveil a new video-ad product in the first half of next year in its largest attempt to date to attract big swaths of ad dollars from TV advertisers,” reports Ad Age. Those same sources said the company will “offer video advertisers the chance to target video ads to large numbers of Facebook users in their news feeds on both the desktop version of Facebook as well as on Facebook apps on mobile phones and tablets,” according to the article.

Some reports also indicate that these videos would have an “autoplay” feature, which is likely to cause a bit of a controversial stir.

This could be a significant moneymaker for Facebook. “Adding video ads to Facebook would create a huge new trough of inventory created essentially from scratch,” writes Ad Age. “With Facebook’s scale, advertisers could target demographics as they do on TV as well as use the gross ratings point currency, which they use for TV.”

But some executives worry about user reaction. They’re concerned about the autoplay function, which is commonly seen as intrusive. They’re also concerned about possible general distaste for video ads in the news feed.