Device Combines Streaming Remote with Standard TV Remote

Sideclick, a new universal remote launched by True Bloom via a Kickstarter campaign, attaches to the remote controls of common streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, and replaces the need for a normal TV or cable box remote. Sideclick comes with just eight buttons for basic controls including turning on the TV, controlling volume and changing channels, and snaps directly onto the given remote control of a streaming device. Sideclick, likely to ship by December, is available for preorder through Kickstarter with an $18 pledge.

The Sideclick attachment uses infrared tech just as normal TV remotes do, so therefore it should work with most TV sets.


Sideclick tries to solve the problem that streaming device remote controls face — that they are better designed than TV and cable remotes, but don’t interact with the TV itself, so consumers still need to use an additional TV remote to perform basic tasks.

“By adding this functionality to the streaming remote,” reports Variety, “Sideclick essentially makes the regular remote control obsolete — which could make it that much easier for consumers to directly jump to their favorite streaming shows, and ignore linear television altogether.”

For more details, check out the Kickstarter page.