Deezer Plans to Bring High-Fidelity Elite Music Service to U.S.

Deezer, a French subscription service available in 180 countries, announced its plans for availability in the U.S. In a partnership with Sonos, the company plans for a high-fidelity version called Deezer Elite. Deezer reaches five million paying subscribers in a model similar to Spotify, Rhapsody and Beats Music. However, Deezer plans to offer songs at a faster bit rate in order to create smaller file sizes for computer storing and transferring, and in the process attract a more affluent group of audiophiles. 

“When music is encoded at lower bit rates, it results in a smaller file size that is easier for computers to store and transfer, but also omits large amounts of audio information, a process that infuriates audiophiles,” reports The New York Times.


Deezer Elite’s songs will have a bit rate of 1,411 kbps, compared to the standard 256 or 320 kbps.

“Audio enthusiasts no longer have to choose between a streaming service and high-quality audio,” said Tyler Goldman, Deezer’s North American chief. “With Deezer Elite they can have both for the first time.”

Deezer will be available for $15 per month, and $10 per month for those that commit for a year.

Deezer earlier planned on keeping the service from the U.S. due to the overcrowded market.

“But the company, whose investors include Access Industries, the owner of the Warner Music Group, has since changed direction, betting that high-quality audio will set Deezer apart from Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Play and all the others, and entice an affluent group of music fans to pay for streaming high-fidelity music,” explains NYT.

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