CES 2020: Wooptix Creates 3D Images From a Single Lens

Wooptix approaches the problem of light-field image capture in an interesting way. Using a single camera lens, they capture the same image at multiple depth-of-field settings. They then assemble a 3D version of the captured image by identifying and grabbing the areas of each depth-of-field image that are in focus. The result is a clear, if slightly flat and layered, 3D image with some degree of parallax. The company’s tech could have multiple applications.

Wooptix used a lenticular screen at CES to demonstrate their approach. They would like to connect with a true light-field display developer to better showcase their images.

Jan Gaudestad, their Silicon Valley-based business development rep, said most of the company’s 20-person R&D staff are based in the Canary Islands. Most went to university there and worked at the Canary Island Space Observatory, one of three space observatories worldwide focused on image capture and processing.

According to the Wooptix About page: “We took our first steps in researching and looking for outer worlds, newborn stars, black holes & galaxies in one of the most beautiful places in the world, from the Teide Observatory, in mountain Teide located on Tenerife island (Spain).” The challenges of effectively capturing exoplanet imagery has led them to their latest pursuits.

Wooptix has met with MovieLabs, and has shown their technology to two ETC member studios.

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