CES 2013: NSM Group Forms LLC for Secure Memory Tech

A consortium first launched in 2011 to address secure memory needs has established an LLC. Formed January 2, NSM Initiatives LLC is making its first appearance at CES. NSM, or Next Generation Secure Memory, is a developing content protection technology that will enable the transfer and viewing of HD content into a mobile environment. A consortium including Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba is developing the technology.

NSM technology can come in any form, so long as there is Flash memory in it. SD cards are expected to be the first form factor.

“This new technology enables users to consume their content on any device with mobility as well as on their lock-in devices, such as smartphone, tablet, DTV, etc. Consumers will be able to download content securely into Licensed Media. Licensed Media means a storage device (SD Memory Card, embedded memory or HDD) with secure flash memory that supports NSM technology,” explains the group’s whitepaper, published November 2012.

Victor Matsuda, VP at Sony Corp. and NSM spokesperson said NSM is “technically feasible” on any platform, but for now it is especially looking at the Android market.

Licensing is expected to commence “very soon” through the LLC.

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