Canva Launches New Branding Features and Magic AI Tools

Canva, the web-based design platform, is debuting “Magic” AI-powered tools that can automate a variety of tasks, from logo design to video editing. The idea is to empower people without design training to do these things, and more. Infographics, advertising materials, illustrations and presentations are among the types of output Canva AI offers. The company is also adding brand management tools to its Visual Worksuite, including a Brand Hub that provides assets for creative application, with permission settings that can restrict off-brand use of things like color or fonts.

Admins are now able to approve workflows within the Canva app prior to publishing, obviating the possibility of multiple drafts saved and reviewed elsewhere. Canva is also launching Assistant, “which lets users search for design elements and provides quick access to features” while providing “recommendations on graphics and styles that match your existing design,” reports TechCrunch.

Canva’s expansion into artificial intelligence positions it to compete with Adobe. The company AI adjuncts mostly have the word “Magic” attached. The Magic Replace tool “can replace an asset across all of your designs with one click if you just need to update an outdated logo or branded graphic,” writes The Verge.

The Magic Eraser removes objects that you don’t want in an image. Magic Edit lets users “swap an object with something else entirely using generative AI,” per The Verge, which describes the Magic Design tool as something that “generates a curated selection of personalized templates (such as posters or birthday cards) from any image you upload,” and writes of “an AI-powered copywriting assistant that can generate written content from a text prompt that you could use in presentations and website copy.”

Branded presentations a la PowerPoint are also available, for those who need help putting together slides, and there is a new translation feature that translates text into more than 100 different languages. On the editing front, a feature called Beat Sync automatically synchronize visuals to a music track, “cycling through different video clips or images without any manual editing,” writes Digital Trends.

Canva says it is using “a mix of different AI models as the foundation for these features in addition to building its own systems,” The Verge reports, adding that 953 new fonts have been added.

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