Amazon Targets Companies with New Corporate Email Service

Amazon is previewing WorkMail, a corporate email service that aims to compete with Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Although the corporate email market is heavily congested, Amazon believes there are customer problems not being addressed by any of the existing corporate email providers. With WorkMail, Amazon promises to deliver on two things: simplicity and security. The company also wants to let users keep the interfaces and applications with which they are already familiar.

amazon2According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s focus “is [in] replacing the unseen technology, mostly from Microsoft, that powers corporate email in data centers.”

As for security, “WorkMail runs through Amazon’s computer networks, which encrypts, or scrambles, messages so prying eyes can’t make sense of intercepted email,” explains WSJ. In addition, Amazon offers customers the option to designate a location of where their emails are being saved.

The International Business Times explains that geographic location is important as messages may be subject to different privacy laws in different regions: “European companies, for example, may want to store their messages in the United States, which has looser laws than its own continent.”

Amazon will offer WorkMail for $4 a month per inbox, which mirrors the cost of Google and Microsoft’s at work services. If successful, “[email] services could bring Amazon $1 billion in revenue annually,” a value predicted by Baird Equity Research analyst Colin Sebastian, as noted in WSJ.