Amazon Fire TV Widens Its Lead at 34 Million Active Users

Back in January, Amazon announced that its Fire TV streaming platform had more than 30 million users. Today, Fire TV has grown to more than 34 million active users, according to an announcement made by Amazon this week during a panel titled ‘The Battle for Your Living Room: Sticks, Boxes, and Smart TV Platforms’ at The Pay TV Show in Denver. This indicates that Amazon’s lead over rival streaming platform Roku is widening. Roku grew to 29.1 million active users per its latest earnings report from this month.

Additionally, Amazon now claims that Fire TV has become the number one streaming media player in the U.S., U.K., Germany, India and Japan, reports TechCrunch.

Back when Amazon initially announced the 30 million mark in January (at the 2019 International CES in Las Vegas), some were left to wonder how the figures were tracked, especially considering the fact that Amazon doesn’t specifically indicate ‘active’ users versus total accounts.

“Roku typically defines an ‘active’ account as one that has streamed through its platform over the past 30 days. Amazon, at the time, had only spoken about users more generally, without characterizing them as ‘actives.’ However, yesterday’s comments [at Pay TV] referenced ‘active users’ … not just a total number of users,” notes TechCrunch.

In both cases, it is difficult to determine actual numbers of active viewers, especially due to families and friends within households sharing accounts. “And until Amazon chooses to define how it determines an active user, it’s not possible to fully understand how to compare the two,” adds TechCrunch.

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