Allie Cameras Can Live Stream 720-Degree Virtual Reality Video

IC Real Tech is showcasing a consumer-friendly and affordable VR camera solution at CES this week. Using new video stitching technology, the Allie camera line (pronounced “All-ee,” like a “selfie” in all directions) can create a 720-degree view by combining two 360-degree camera feeds into an “all-D” image. Users have the ability to control perspectives in recorded videos and can stream live footage. IC Real Tech debuted its Allie Play, Home and Pro video cameras at CES, which will range from under $500 to $3,000.

“The Allie Pro has a special high-grade lens for home security and will retail for $3,000 in March 2015,” reports TechCrunch. “The Home looks sleek and elegant to match your interior decor, while the Play comes housed in a colorful little rocket ship stand to fit well in a kid’s room, and both will be available later in the year for under $500. They all come with 8X zoom and pan abilities, connect to your Wi-Fi or cable network, and can be watched online or from a mobile device.”


The dual lens cameras can record up to two hours of video on an SD card, or longer via the cloud. The 13-megapixel Play and Home models will not capture TV-quality video like the Jaunt VR or NextVR, but are affordable consumer options.

At CES, IC Real Tech is demonstrating the Allie cameras for potential use in recording unique home movies, streaming live events, and capturing action footage (although next year the company is expected to launch Allie Go for more active scenarios).

“The Allie will probably appeal more to experimental photographers and event organizers than the average human,” suggests TechCrunch. “But the fact that this much power can be packed into such a small, cheap package suggests it won’t be long before people start taking Allies instead of just selfies.”

CES attendees can check out the Allie cameras at booth #70223 in the Sands Expo.

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