Adobe Reveals Its New AI Tool for Editing Problematic Audio

Adobe has unveiled Project Sound Lift, an AI-powered technology that separates speech recordings into discrete tracks of voices, non-speech sounds and other background noise in video. The company describes Project Sound Lift as “a one-click solution” that leverages AI to help users easily manipulate audio recordings “across a range of scenarios” to “enhance, transform, and control speech and sound independently.” Adobe’s existing Enhance Speech technology, available in the company’s Premiere Pro editing program, has been integrated within Project Sound Lift to aid creators in producing studio-quality audio content.

“Adobe is using AI to break apart messy audio” is the topline from The Verge, which explains that Project Sound Lift can “separate elements like applause from the sound of someone’s voice.” All that is required is importation of an audio file into the app, and selection of the sound to isolate and filter. Options include “applause, laughter, alarms, speech, crowds, traffic, typing, and more.”

“Project Sound Lift will automatically detect each sound and spit out separate files containing the background noise and the track you want to prioritize, like someone’s voice or the sound of an instrument,” The Verge reports, noting that users “can then import and edit each track individually in Adobe Premiere Pro, allowing you to tweak the volume of background noise, while enhancing the clarity of the main track.”

Developed by speech and AI experts at Adobe Research, Project Sound Lift was announced onstage at Adobe MAX in Japan as part of the company’s “Sneaks” showcase, where engineers and research scientists preview prototypes before they become productized, the company explained in a blog post.

A video demo embedded by TechSpot “illustrates that the final results from Project Sound Lift audio manipulation may not be crystal clear, but they are effective and achieved very quickly,” the outlet writes, comparing the technology to that used to isolate and repurpose an old John Lennon vocal track recording for the creation of a new Beatles song.

“Adobe’s AI tool offers a more nuanced approach to audio editing and manipulation, providing content creators and video makers with an advanced option to transform their vision into a viral TikTok clip,” TechSpot writes, concluding that “as a Sneak preview feature, Project Sound Lift will need some refinement before becoming a proper commercial service available to users.”

“Adobe Project Sound Lift promises to save your horrible audio,” is the summary from Videomaker, which writes that especially for indies and “run-and-gun filmmakers,” high-quality audio is often a problem, one that Project Sound Lift proposes to ameliorate.

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