Twitter TV Book Examines Second Screen Tweeting in the UK

Twitter has released the Twitter TV Book, a breakdown of tweet-based analytics of second screen viewers in the United Kingdom. The analysis includes details regarding user demographics, devices used, television program genres and tweeting habits. Twitter says about 60 percent of the UK’s 10 million active users tweet while watching television.

For example, the analysis suggests people typically tweet after hearing interesting facts in documentaries, while viewers generally will wait to tweet during breaks in action during dramas.

“While the programming heavily sways some of the data provided, this info does do a good job of making the media industry aware that Twitter is becoming a mainstay for when folks plop down on the couch and grab the remote,” reports VentureBeat.

“The TV Book is also interesting because it reveals just how Twitter plans on growing its advertising and promotional revenue,” concludes the post. “Twitter is best at being a real-time communication platform, so targeting media companies that are beholden to their own ad clients is a smart move because it gives them data about their audience as well as a way to show more value when/if the audience mentions those TV ads.”