Samsung Is an Early Mover in Mobile LLM Space with Gauss

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a generative AI model called Samsung Gauss designed specifically for artificial intelligence apps on mobile devices. If Samsung deploys Gauss to its smartphones anytime soon it would be among the first handset makers to natively integrate generative AI, putting it ahead of Apple. Gauss was revealed at the Samsung AI Forum 2023 in Korea, held by Samsung Research. Gauss is a large language model that facilitates tasks such as composing emails, summarizing documents and translating content. Samsung says it also enables smarter device control when integrated into products. Continue reading Samsung Is an Early Mover in Mobile LLM Space with Gauss

CES: Snapshot of All-Digital Show’s Announcements, Trends

CES 2021 concluded last week in the wake of a challenging year marked by political unrest, social upheaval and a global pandemic that continues to impact our personal and professional lives. And much like all that we’re juggling in our current COVID world, the all-digital format of this year’s CES presented a number of unique challenges, most notably how to determine which products and services are most relevant to an M&E audience without the benefit of interacting up close in person. We’re still working our way through information from nearly 2,000 companies and will continue to report our findings on ETCentric. In the coming weeks, ETC will also publish a comprehensive overview of the show with a focus on four dynamic themes, rather than trends: Adaptation, Change, Snapback and Opportunity. In the meanwhile, we provide this snapshot of some of the key products, technologies, trends and announcements. Continue reading CES: Snapshot of All-Digital Show’s Announcements, Trends