Sony Alpha A77: A Glimpse at What May Make DSLRs Obsolete

  • Sony has announced two A-mount models for its Translucent Mirror line, the a77 and a65.
  • The a77 is the successor to Sony’s a700 DSLR. Sony has replaced the traditional mirror with a translucent technology that offers faster autofocus with less bulk.
  • The Sony press release claims: “The a77 boasts the world’s fastest continuous AF shooting performance” (among interchangeable-lens digital cameras with APS-C size sensors).
  • Digital Trends comments: “The a77 is exactly the kind of expensive ($2000 kit), hulking (weather-sealed magnesium body) piece of camera hardware with ridiculous specs (24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor, ISO 50-16,000) that photographers everywhere drool over.”
  • Eliminating the traditional mirror of a DSLR could potentially lead to serious changes in camera design and functionality. “It’s a huge breakthrough for DSLR videographers, who now have a viable option for seriously fast and accurate focusing (read: great for sports),” suggests Digital Trends. “It also allows the camera to have a crazy burst rate: 12 frames per second at 24.3-megapixels, far faster than any DSLR, even those that use lower resolutions.”


  1. Has anyone tried a camera featuring the translucent mirror tech?

  2. Has anyone tried a camera featuring the translucent mirror tech?

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