Sonos Search Engine Can Play Any Song in Multiple Rooms

Wireless audio company Sonos has launched a redesign that will provide users with a universal search, essentially enabling them to play any song in the world. The innovation can pull songs from a user’s MP3 collection and from over two dozen streaming music services including Pandora, Spotify, and Beats Music, and play the music throughout multiple rooms. For the past decade Sonos has been making wireless multiroom audio systems, but previously they only functioned with Sonos software.

“So what happens when you’ve got iTunes purchases, Pandora radio and Spotify on demand? Sonos figured it out. The clean, simplified redesign and search capability of the new Sonos app is like Google for your music,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

Currently, most people listen to music through multiple sources, either by purchasing individual songs through iTunes or other services, or by using an online radio service such as Pandora or Spotify (or all of the above). This makes it difficult for users to access all of their available music at once.

Sonos has simplified the process by condensing all of a user’s music into a database easily accessible through a simple design and search capability similar to Google.

While competitors in the speaker industry have tried to create similar streaming music services, none of them are capable of performing a universal search — and none of them offer as much support for outside music services.

When first installing Sonos, it will scan through the user’s entire music collection and collect the songs into its database. The speakers then connect with Wi-Fi, and can be controlled by any device connected to the same network. The only downside is that visiting friends cannot connect their Spotify or Pandora to the Sonos speakers.