Samsung to Manufacture its Own 64-Bit Core for Mobile Chips

Samsung revealed new design plans with investors Wednesday at its Analyst Day event in South Korea. The company will now design its own custom 64-bit core for mobile chips, and it’s working on even higher resolution displays. By 2015, Samsung projects it will bring 4K displays to phones. Also in the works are flexible AMOLED screens. It’s a big transition for a company that seems to want to possess greater control of its own products.

GigaOM notes the changes by Samsung are similar to Apple’s model of designing its own core and chips. Most other companies typically purchase chips from manufacturers like Qualcomm and Nvidia.

“Given how Samsung is trying to gain more control over its hardware, software and services,” contributor Kevin C. Tofel writes, “I suspect that chips with Samsung cores would only be in Samsung devices.”

The super high-resolution screens will deliver 560 pixels per inch (PPI) next year, and when it delivers 4K the following year, the resolution could reach 3840×2160, or 881 PPI on a 5-inch device, according to GigaOM.

But Tofel isn’t sold on extremely hi-res screens on small devices. “If the human eye can’t resolve individual pixels around 320 PPI when holding a phone at a typical distance,” Tofel writes, “What’s the benefit here?”

For now, it’ll be chalked up to bragging rights. And as Samsung works closer toward creating the first curved glass phone, it’ll likely have plenty to brag about.

“When it comes to flexible displays, Samsung claims they hold one out of every three patents for the technology,” notes Android Beat. “So if wearable computing is going to become a thing, or phones that can bend and flex, Samsung will be at the forefront of that space.”

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