QuickFire.TV Transcodes Broadcast Quality Video in Seconds

Startup QuickFire.TV helps news and sports broadcasters encode their videos for playback on 20 different platforms at lightning fast speeds, making it faster to distribute video content online. QuickFire claims its cloud-based solution transcodes video ten times faster than real-time, thanks to its complete stack infrastructure with Intel Core i7 processors. QuickFire also offers a set of APIs that allows video producers to create custom workflows and tools for uploading videos.

QuickFire.TV, which launched Monday at Disrupt Battlefield, transcodes almost any standard broadcast video format into an MP4 or HLS file. These files can be played on almost any device, from smartphones to PCs to TVs. QuickFire can reportedly process a one-hour video in 6 minutes while competitors may take 40 to 120 minutes.


The impressive speeds are due to the complete stack on QuickFire’s end to process the video, according to TechCrunch. T-Video, as the company calls its hardware, is made up of racks of 11 quad-core Intel Core i7 processors. The V-Fabric layer of the hardware distributes work among the processors, so they can all work simultaneously to transcode video. Each rack is also connected by the Q-Data layer.

QuickFire customers can upload their videos through the company’s dashboard, which has support for Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Github, Gmail, Alfresco, FTP, and WebDAV. The fees are based on the length of the videos. The company charges $0.10 for every minute of standard-definition video output. HD video output is $0.20 per minute.

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