Publishers Scrambling to Create More Immersive, Social E-Books

  • With some 48 million tablets and e-readers sold last year, book publishers are being forced to become multimedia companies whose e-books can include audio, video and interactive elements.
  • Standards and formats can vary from books with audio and video for the iPad to so-called “enhanced e-books.”
  • Young adult (YA) fiction caters to teens who are already involved with text messages, Facebook and blogs. YA literature crosses film, TV and social media to create multimedia storytelling.
  • One publisher envisions books as social experiences. Another released a book that allows the story to be told in different ways. “Last fall, for example, indie publisher Folded Word released author Mel Bosworth’s ‘Freight’ as an e-book that electronically built on the choose-your-own-adventure format, creating a narrative that could be told in more than one way (‘Chopsticks’ incorporates a similar feature),” reports Wired.
  • HarperMedia is looking for opportunities where publishers and studios can work together to create both print and screen versions.

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