President Obama Calls for New Improvements to Cybersecurity

President Barack Obama proposed a series of new regulations that intend to help protect the country from cyberattacks. In the wake of a series of significant hacks last year, Obama is asking Congress to increase prosecution and toughen the penalties of people committing cybercrimes. He also wants companies to be able to share their information about hacks. In other news, President Obama wants to increase broadband competition by ending the laws in 19 states that limit municipal broadband.

These proposals are part of a series of new technology initiatives. The President believes that the public and private sectors need to work together to accomplish these cybersecurity goals. Earlier this week, Obama announced his interest in legislation that would force companies to report the cyber threat information with the Department of Homeland Security.


“We want cybercriminals to feel the full force of American justice, because the are doing as much damage — if not more, these days — as folks who are involved in more conventional crime,” Obama said earlier this week. The New York Times reports he has been trying for three years to persuade Congress to pass a cybersecurity bill.

Obama also expressed his desire to increase broadband competition. According to the President’s report, “In the market for Internet service that can deliver 25Mbps downstream — the speed increasingly recognized as a baseline to get the full benefits of Internet access — three out of four Americans do not have a choice between providers.”

Nineteen states have state laws that limit the expansion of local broadband networks, according to Ars Technica.

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