NSA Funds Development of All-In-One Programming Language

The National Security Agency is funding a project at Carnegie Mellon University to develop the world’s first “polyglot” programming language that combines CSS, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, and more. Wyvern, the new language, intends to make Web programming easier. Files will be more organized, making it easier for Web developers to secure their websites, which seems to be the NSA’s primary goal. Wyvern is an open source project still in development.

news_02_smallCurrently, Web pages are written in a mishmash of languages and files. Between HTML, CSS, XML, Java, and SQL, hackers can find security holes if the code is not properly coordinated between languages. Having one language, such as Wyvern, can cut down on the confusion and help prevent security breaches.

The NSA-funded project may also help developers code “high assurance applications.” Accuracy is extremely important in these types of applications, and the term is usually used to refer to the military’s programs for communications, missile systems, radar and medical devices.

Wyvern works by recognizing exactly what language developers are working in. For example, the language can detect that a user is editing a database, and will make sure the SQL is correct. For additional information, see the write-up from Motherboard. And curious Web developers can check out the Wyvern prototype at GitHub.

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