NAB 2013: Akamai Demos Hyperconnected Living Room

Akamai is aiming to get the second screen experience right. It demonstrated its Hyperconnected Living Room concept at NAB in Las Vegas, showcasing a dual-screen experience that pushes out on-demand movies and other streaming content to a user’s slate right when they would expect to see it. It is a contrast to other such services that tend to lag and provide content later than desired.

“Akamai says it cooked up this demo especially for NAB ‘to get people thinking about the possibilities’ of a second-screen experience,” reports Engadget. “Those possibilities, if you haven’t guessed, generally require you to open up your wallet.”

For example, “when ‘Mission Impossible’ was playing on the big screen, pricing for a character’s sunglasses popped up on the tablet. During a basketball game, we were prompted to buy tickets for an upcoming game. Depending on what you’re watching, you may also see trivia from IMDb or links to players’ stats,” writes Engadget.

After linking a tablet or other connectible device to the TV through the Web-based interface, users can operate the phone as a remote and can get customized ads if they so choose to provide information such as age, location and clothing size.

The post includes a brief video demo. Akamai is located at NAB booth #SL2724.