Google Bolsters its Cloud Computing Services with New Tools

Google’s cloud computing customers just got faster connectivity options and tools to share data between devices in real time. The tech giant announced its new Google Cloud Interconnect, a new service that gives developers three options for fast connectivity to Google’s servers. Google also started integrating technology from its latest acquisition of Firebase, a startup that specializes in real-time backend service, and has developed a “Triggers” tool for Google cloud computing.

Google created Google Cloud Interconnect for mid-market, enterprise, and large-scale cloud-native companies that want to manage their bandwidth providers. Direct peering is one of the fastest connectivity options and it’s available in 33 countries. Companies that opt for the direct connection option do not need an intermediary network. They can simply establish their own private links to Google. With the carrier interconnect option, seven carrier partners like Verizon and Equinix will provide the fast connectivity.


All three connectivity options will reportedly improve network performance for enterprise users. VPN connectivity is also a safer connection because companies will be able to establish their own secure lines, reports TechCrunch.

Google’s new Firebase tools will bolster its cloud computing services in building and hosting software. Firebase makes it easy for two or more devices to communicate with each other in real time. Over 100,000 developers actively use the Firebase service. Even Google’s Internet of Things platform, Nest, was built on Firebase.

Firebase is bringing its technology to Google in the form of a tool called Triggers. Wired describes it as a tool that “lets developers automatically send an API call to other cloud services anytime something happens in one of those central data repositories on Firebase.”

Google is hoping that Firebase, which is popular with developers in Silicon Valley, will attract more users to its cloud services. Amazon and Microsoft are two of Google’s biggest competitors in cloud computing.