Filmmakers Gather at CinemaCon to Discuss 3D and Higher Frame Rates

  • Higher frame rates have been the talk of CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week where notable filmmakers have been discussing the shift to 3D production for more than just “the right kind of movies.”
  • “Right now, we still need an excuse to watch 3D. Someday we won’t need those excuses,” suggested Ang Lee who was joined onstage by Martin Scorsese. “I just think you have to accept it as a part of storytelling,” added Scorsese.
  • The two directors “took the unequivocal position that very soon, 3D will be the standard not just for the ‘right’ films but for all films. Scorsese, Lee and Baz Luhrmann are among filmmakers taking the format beyond tentpole fare. Luhrmann’s 3D footage from ‘The Great Gatsby’ was warmly received at the confab, even without the benefit of color correction or vfx,” reports Variety.
  • Scorsese pointed out that depth was one of early filmmakers’ pursuits, and that technology has finally reached the point of achieving that dream. Scorsese’s team on “Hugo” screened Alfred Hitchcock’s 3D thriller “Dial M for Murder” for inspiration. “It was this whole other approach to something that was not a horror genre, that was literally a stage play in 3D,” he said. “I decided I wanted to go more that way (with ‘Hugo’).”
  • Directors such as Peter Jackson and James Cameron have been touting higher frame rates, the next cinematic innovation that has taken center stage at this year’s convention.
  • “Scorsese said he did not see the 48 frames-per-second demonstration of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ that divided viewers at Caesars — but he defended it sight unseen, comparing it to the change from nitrate to regular black-and-white film — another cinematic evolution that was initially controversial,” reports Variety.

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