DirecTV Hires FreeWheel, Hopes to Monetize Digital Content

Video ad company FreeWheel announced DirecTV as a new client last week. The satellite TV giant chose to work with “the startup to improve monetization on new digital platforms, and has taken an equity stake in FreeWheel to help make it happen,” writes TechCrunch. DirecTV — and other cable, satellite and telco companies — are making investments in services that promote TV Everywhere.

The idea behind TV Everywhere is to make “the same type of content viewers watch on TV available on a wide range of new mobile, tablet, and connected TV devices,” details the article.

“But once they’ve decided to do so, they’re faced with how to deliver it, and even more importantly, how to monetize it. That’s where companies like FreeWheel come in,” explains TechCrunch.

FreeWheel provides a platform for ad insertion in on-demand and live video feeds online. It allows pay TV providers and other streaming companies to make money from digital assets.

FreeWheel has worked with AOL, ESPN, FOX, NBCUniversal, Sky, Turner and VEVO.

For DirecTV, the deal comes at a time when it wants to make more content available online for subscribers. “Monetizing that content and making sure that the right people get paid will be vitally important,” writes TechCrunch. “More than just putting the same TV shows online, the satellite TV provider is seeking to add an incremental revenue stream through advertising against that digital content.”