Developers Face Initial Restrictions for Google Glass Apps

Google is following Apple’s example as it is looking to develop more apps for Google Glass. The company released guidelines for developers on Monday, but with limitations, as the company wants more control over what apps are created for the cloud-based “Glassware.” With these limitations, developers cannot sells ads or use third parties to collect and sell data, in addition to other restrictions.

“It gives them a lot of control over the experience,” said Frank Carey, a software developer and computer science grad student. “My hope is they make it as open as possible so that we can really test the limits of what this type of device would look like.”

The company sold its first run of $1,500 glasses earlier this week to developers.

According to The New York Times, “developers cannot sell ads in apps, collect user data for ads, share data with ad companies or distribute apps elsewhere. They cannot charge people to buy apps or virtual goods or services within them.” Developers cannot change their apps in regards to the display or the sensors either. So the question remains: How will developers make money from their creations?

“The question of how developers go on to make money from Glass may relate as easily to how people made money through Google’s original search engine,” explains Forbes. “‘They depend on Google’s magnanimity,’ says Adib Carl Ghubril, an analyst with Gartner specializing in human-to-machine interfaces. ‘It depends on clicks and attracting someone to their site.'”

“Glass could be the next great platform for app development, like the iPhone,” said Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps. “But the variable is whether consumers will want it or not, and that is a real unknown.”

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