CES 2013: USB Cloud for Customized, Specified Web Viewing

USB Cloud offers small, individually serialized USB keys. When the keys are inserted into a USB socket, it automatically seeks out the USB Cloud registry, which then routes the browser to the webpage that you specify in their registry for that serial number. The Osaka-based firm envisions connecting online stores to physical stores, managing digital content, augmenting direct mail strategies, and more.

Since each key has a unique ID, the viewable Web content can be specified for each one, creating a compelling new marketing tool. Additionally, you can program the number of hours and/or times content can be viewed.

This could be used for online global community challenge-solving games (the online version of McDonalds Monopoly-style games), digital collectable contests, and other massively individualized marketing and entertainment activities, as well as general marketing initiatives.

“USB Cloud enables quick access to any Web service such as the Internet, video conference, chat and groupware,” explains the company. “Users do not need to go through a search engine to get to the Web service they want.”

USB Cloud claims their approach eliminates the time-consuming efforts of companies using search engine optimization or search engine marketing tools. And since records are kept of customer usage, USB Cloud provides log analysis for measuring marketing effectiveness.

The company presently has 19 worldwide patents granted or pending.

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