3D Printing Takes a Turn on the Runway at Paris Fashion Week

It seems 3D technology knows no bounds. “At Paris Fashion Week, technology and fashion collided when a model walked down the runway in a striking 3D printed dress,” writes VentureBeat. While the dress itself was a rather simple design, critics were fascinated by the way in which it was made. Will 3D printers soon be creating our clothes?

The dress was designed as part of Iris van Herpen’s Haute Couture show “Voltage.” “According to a news release, the collection came about in collaboration with Austrian architect Julia Koerne, and Materialize, a Belgian-based company that provides additive manufacturing software and solutions,” explains VentureBeat.

“The second ensemble, a cape and skirt, was created in collaboration with artist, architect, designer, and professor Neri Oxman from MIT’s Media Lab. After the show, the 3D printed fashion collection will be exhibited at MIT.”

The dress, along with a cape and skirt, were printed using a Stratasys Objet Connex 3D printer.

“The ability to vary softness and elasticity inspired us to design a second skin for the body acting as armor-in-motion; in this way we were able to design not only the garment’s form but also its motion,” said Oxman.

“He added that these new technologies enabled the reinterpretation of couture as ‘tech-couture,’ where ‘delicate hand-made embroidery and needlework’ is replaced by code,” explains the article.

The post includes a video teaser of van Herpen’s collection.