Mashable Buys YouTube Channel for Filmmakers, Movie Fans

In another sign that New York-based Mashable is heading toward video, the digital media company has acquired YouTube channel CineFix from Lloyd Braun’s media and tech company, Whalerock Industries. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The channel, which is geared toward filmmakers and movie fans, has produced more than 1,200 videos and attracted over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers. The site is “a natural fit with Mashable’s focus on entertainment, technology, and influential geek culture,” said Mashable chief content officer Gregory Gittrich. Continue reading Mashable Buys YouTube Channel for Filmmakers, Movie Fans

Whalerock to Launch Celebrity Networks via Web and Mobile App

The Kardashian sisters, Howard Stern and rap artist Tyler The Creator are all getting new shows, only not on traditional TV but rather the Internet and a mobile app. Whalerock Industries, a company based in Santa Monica, has confirmed it plans to launch personal channels for these artists in the coming months. Each channel will feature an eclectic mix of premium content from the celebrities including videos, music, photos, merchandise and gaming. The app will be available this June.  Continue reading Whalerock to Launch Celebrity Networks via Web and Mobile App

Next-Gen Live Interactive Broadcasting with GabCast.TV

Live online video platform GabCast.TV launched its alpha version today and is broadcasting free interactive shows.  The site is similar to other live video streaming services (such as Ustream or, but as Mashable reports, “the focus, design and purpose is unique” in that it enables each user to become “a reality star on the next generation of TV.”

The GabCast.TV team is not short of heavy-hitters. It was co-founded by Emmy-winning producer Paul Wagner and former NBC chairman Fred Silverman (additionally, high-profile advisors include former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and former ABC and Yahoo exec Lloyd Braun). Wagner explains that GabCast goes beyond YouTube, Ustream and by providing streaming video that focuses on greater engagement and stronger interactivity.

At its core, GabCast essentially turns video chats into live programs that are “hosted” by individuals or multiple users with an emphasis on social interaction. It features categories or “channels” for like-minded users (such as Dating Fun, Pets, Sports & Fitness, and College Fun). Pre-alpha users leveraged the streaming platform for a variety of content including live music, dating, and comedy shows.

The service can also be used for conferences and other live events such as weddings, birthdays, and parties. GabCast reports that a live classroom feature and mobile apps are in development. According to the press release, “GabCast.TV promises to hit the sweet spot of engagement by marrying social interaction with unique live content and creating the next generation of reality stars.”

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