Incoming MPAA Chief Faces Industry Shifts, New Challenges

Entertainment industry veteran Charles Rivkin is replacing Christopher Dodd this week as the MPAA chief. While the position has historically faced numerous challenges, such as managing consensus among the six major Hollywood studios, Rivkin takes the helm as the industry contends with a growing list of new hurdles: the MPAA has yet to take a stance on the debate over net neutrality rules, Silicon Valley is a growing force in Washington, digital platforms and changes in consumer behavior are impacting theater attendance and traditional distribution models, and media continues to battle global piracy. Continue reading Incoming MPAA Chief Faces Industry Shifts, New Challenges

Time for Change: MPAA Chief Reaches Out to Chinese Film Community

  • Speaking at the Shanghai International Film Festival, MPAA president Christopher Dodd urged China’s film community to broaden its engagement with Hollywood.
  • Dodd called China’s movie market a “success story in the making,” with a growing capacity to create films, as well as a considerable appetite for consuming them, with more than 6,200 screens.
  • U.S. studios have historically been frustrated by distribution restrictions in China, which only allows about 20 foreign films into the country each year, and returns less than 20 percent of revenue to the studios.
  • Dodd and other officials from the MPAA have been assisting U.S. trade officials in efforts to persuade China to ease these restrictions.