Redstone Boldly Promises to Provide Gigabit Wireless Internet

Florida-based Redstone is claiming that it can deliver fast, gigabit wireless Internet access that will be cheap, fast and revolutionary. Using technology developed for the military and NASA, the company claims its single wireless switch can deliver Internet connectivity with a three-mile radius, which may soon make it possible to provide connectivity to entire cities. Some experts are doubtful, however, because the company has no public patents for any such technology.

According to VentureBeat, Redstone founder Chris Anderson said that after talking with lawyers, “he has opted to shield his technology using trade secret protection instead — basically, just keeping the details secret from potential competitors.” The article notes that many others have “tried and failed” to achieve the same level of connectivity.

“Redstone’s technology was developed in a private laboratory, following the delivery of other communications projects for NASA and the military,” VentureBeat reports. Those projects “established deep space communications” for the Mars Rover, and Redstone “plans to license this engine, in the form of a custom chip component known as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), to all major technology companies.”

“This is a new paradigm for business,” Redstone’s head of business development Steve Tsuruda said. “New companies will emerge. New billionaires will be created.”

Redstone promises it will be able to cover an entire region within “a matter of a few weeks,” according to VentureBeat. It also claims to boast tons of extra broadband bandwidth and low battery usage, adding that it will have “access to a much wider range of the wireless spectrum, which was previously deemed unusable for digital communications.”

The article notes many startups like Redstone have made big promises in the past, only to disappear — and that many find it odd that the company wouldn’t have any patents. VentureBeat says it “cannot independently verify” the companies claims about costs and speed, but the article reports Redstone will preview its technology to application developers and partners in the spring.

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