Move Over Intel: Apple May Soon Become the Mobile Chip Leader

  • Apple is gaining ground in the mobile chip market and is expected to pass long-standing chip-maker Intel for the top spot.
  • “With demand for the iPhone and iPad growing at an unprecedented pace, and growth in the PC market a bit more lethargic, Apple’s mobile processor business is fast closing the gap on Intel’s. In fact, there’s not much of a gap to close,” AllThingsD reports, adding “…Apple will almost certainly pass Intel this year. And if it swaps in its own chip for the Intel chip in the MacBook Air, it may not only pass it, but claim a decent lead, as well.”
  • “In 2011, Apple shipped about 176 million chips in its iOS devices, capturing a 13.5 percent market share,” explains the article. “Intel shipped just .4 percent more — 181 million chips, enough to snag a 13.9 percent market share.”
  • It should be noted that Samsung manufactures Apple’s processors.
  • Intel has been trying to expand into the smartphone and tablet markets, where it so far has little presence. Medfield, the company’s new Atom chip will reportedly be sent to handsets and tablets by this year’s end.

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