LG Smart Cam Provides HD Interactivity for Users of LG TVs

LG Electronics is introducing the LG Smart Cam, a Full HD video camera with built-in dual microphones and multi-view function. The LG Smart Cam is a 1080p camera system designed to seamlessly operate with any LG smart TV running webOS 22 or webOS 23, the company’s proprietary platform. Among the features of the model VC23GA Smart Cam are webOS’s multi-view, which displays two apps in a split-screen, and videoconferencing using LG’s web-based RemoteMeeting app. LG is also touting Smart Cam as a next-generation home fitness experience.

“On the fitness side, it’s compatible with ‘Exercite,’ which uses the webcam to analyze your movements and give you live feedback, and ‘Flexit,’ a fitness platform with one-on-one wellness and exercise coaching,” The Verge explains, adding that “there’s also a K-pop dance app called ‘Home Dance by 1M,’ which LG developed with 1Million Dance Studio and gives you K-pop dance tutorials.”

The Smart Cam does not offer some third-party apps since they “may not actually be available on an LG TV because webOS is wholly its own platform and can’t run popular Android and tvOS apps unless they’re ported over,” The Verge reports.

LG says its closed system simplifies things, writing in a press release that “setting up the RemoteMeeting app on LG TV is fast and simple and conveniently eliminates the need for a laptop or PC connection” and a microphone because “the Smart Cam’s built-in mics mean no extra peripherals are required.”

Offering Full HD resolution, Smart Cam “provides smooth, crisp video that looks remarkably clear and lifelike when displayed on LG’s large screen TVs,” according to the company.

“Sure, the RemoteMeeting app is web-based, and anyone could use it, but good luck convincing your whole team not to use Zoom or Google Meet because you want to sit on your couch and not use your laptop,” notes The Verge.

There are numerous other TV webcam solutions from which to choose, among them Apple’s Continuity Camera feature, due later this year. “Since it works with Apple TV, you don’t have to buy a specific TV to buy it — you just need a $129 Apple TV streaming box and a mount,” The Verge writes.

Sony Electronics released a $199 TV webcam for its Bravia line, and the UK-based Sky TV released the Sky Live camera, which starts at about $370 and integrates with Sky Glass TVs.

While Tom’s Guide feels that webOS had been “an underrated reason why to get an LG TV,” it says the Smart Cam is “an accessory for your LG TV that supercharges what webOS can do.”

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