Google’s Chromecast SDK Headed for International Markets

Google is planning to bring Chromecast to international markets and make casting available on multiple devices with thousands of apps. The popular device’s SDK, which is still being finalized, will be opened up to help make apps compatible with the $35 dongle, and Google is partnering with several companies to bring its functionality to a number of other devices. Hundreds of developers have already signed up to add Chromecast capabilities to their apps.

In an interview with GigaOM, Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz said people are going to be “pleasantly surprised” by the scope of this international expansion. According to the article, Google made a preview SDK available to developers at launch, though those developers can only build apps with it, not distribute them.

“Google is also looking to momentum from developers to advance on an even bigger goal: The company wants to turn Chromecast’s technology, also dubbed Google Cast, into an ecosystem and work with consumer electronics manufacturers to bring it to other devices,” explains GigaOM.

Queiroz wouldn’t say when the SDK would be released but said that the company has been making progress toward a public release. “Part of these efforts included a recent internal Chromecast hackathon,” the article notes. Forty developers from 30 companies worked with the SDK to provide feedback on what will help shape the final version.

“Our broader goal is for Google Cast to be established as a standard,” Queiroz said.

“After its launch in July, Chromecast quickly became the number one selling electronics device on Amazon, even outselling the retailer’s own Kindle Fire tablets,” GigaOM notes. “In recent weeks, Chromecast has occasionally slipped from that number one spot, but only a little, and it has remained in the site’s top 3 ever since.”