AllJoyn Tech Enables Multi-Platform Development for Smartphones

  • In an effort to facilitate the creation of peer-to-peer apps across multiple mobile platforms, Qualcomm has created AllJoyn, a software developer kit that enables design and output to Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Linux.
  • The technology enables “proximity-based, device-to-device communication without the use of an intermediary server,” according to the company.
  • “Typically developers have not been able to use things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in devices to enable their applications to work across different platforms in the same room, or nearby. Applications that wanted to enable multiplayer games in proximity haven’t had an easy way to do that,” said Qualcomm’s Brian Vogelsang.
  • The beauty of the approach is that none of the activity goes through the cloud — it’s all local, device-to-device — which makes it cheaper for developers (who don’t have to invest time and resources in cloud compatibility) and allows quicker response time for the end-user.
  • What’s in it for chipmaker Qualcomm? “Qualcomm believes in an Internet of everything — that all devices need to be connected. That if people create better mobile experiences it will sell more devices.”