Viewdini: Verizon and Comcast Cable Announce New Video Portal

  • Teaming up with Comcast Cable, Verizon Wireless is launching Viewdini, “a new portal for mobile users to aggregate, search out and get delivery of all kinds of video content,” details The Hollywood Reporter.
  • The announcement was made during the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) Cable Show in Boston.
  • Dan Mead, president of Verizon Wireless, says the company has been working for several years to create this new approach to video on its network in response to “the desire of consumers to be able to absorb any video on any device they want any time they want.”
  • “It’s indicative of the changes in the media landscape,” added filmmaker and actor Edward Burns during the NCTA panel. “The audience has changed. They aren’t nostalgic for the way we consumed entertainment.”

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