Apple iPad Takes to the Sky as Airlines Push to Go Paperless

  • Joining other airlines in similar efforts, British Airways will trial the use of iPads with its cabin crews to improve customer service, increase efficiency and cut back on paper. (ETCentric reported in May that Alaskan Airlines became the first U.S. carrier to replace its flight manuals with Apple’s popular tablet.)
  • If the British Airways trial proves successful, senior crew members will be given tablets in the coming months.
  • “It gives the cabin crew a whole library of information at their fingertips including timetables, safety manuals and customer service updates,” explains the press release. “It also means any issues can be logged with ground-based colleagues around the network prior to departure so solutions can be delivered while the flight is airborne.”
  • In related news, United Continental has issued iPads to 11,000 of its pilots in its efforts to convert to paperless cockpits.
  • According to MarketWatch: “…the move saves 16 million sheets of paper and 326,000 gallons in fuel because of the lighter weight.”
  • Will we see tablets used for automated publishing systems in other professions?