Hitachi Pushes 1TB: Is there Life Remaining in Traditional Hard Drives?

  • While much activity in the storage world these days focuses on flash memory and solid-state drives, Hitachi GST has unveiled its new Deskstar and CinemaStar hard drives for desktop and CE products that can reportedly handle 1TB per platter.
  • The new drives build on advances the company made in its 7mm-tall Travelstar drives that have an areal density of 636 gigabits per square inch. Hitachi achieves the 1TB per platter capacity by advancing from 2.5-inch mobile drive sizes to 3.5-inch.
  • “In theory, the development could lead to standard desktop hard drives with 4TB capacities, and 2.5-inch notebook drives with multi-terabyte capacities,” points out Digital Trends.
  • The report adds: “The Deskstar drives are shipping to Hitachi’s channel partners now, while the CinemaStar drives are expected to start shipping to distributors and channel partners this fall — all will be available in capacities from 250GB to 1TB. As Hitachi expands the technology to multi-platter drives, expect high-capacity home servers, NAS devices, RAID arrays, and (of course) plain old hard drives to follow along.”