Crescent Demonstrates 360-Degree Real-Time VR System

  • Crescent Inc. recently demonstrated its new head-mounted VR system at Japan’s 3D & Virtual Reality Expo.
  • The Immersive Digital Entertainment VR system provides a full 360-degree virtual environment accessible through the head-mounted display in what Engadget describes as “like a Virtual Boy that your wear.”
  • The system uses Virtools real-time rendering technology, image analysis technology, and a Vicon motion capture system in order to capture users’ movements and the items they interact with in the VR space.
  • An array of HD motion capture cameras make the “virtual reality that much less virtual (and in turn, that much more reality).”
  • The post includes a video report featuring an interview with Takahiro Akiyama who worked on content development. He is CEO of 4D Brain and former visual effects art director for the film “Final Fantasy.”
  • For the future, Akiyama envisions a new form of entertainment that integrates biofeedback within such a VR system.