Super-Fast Google Fiber Could Be Coming to a City Near You

Google may soon increase Internet speeds across America by a factor of 100 as the search giant explores expanding its Google Fiber across the nation. The service currently operates out of Kansas City, Missouri, and is opening new “fiberhoods” in Kansas and Missouri. Google CEO Larry Page and CFO Patrick Pichette have told reporters that the super-fast Internet experiment is more than a hobby for the company.

Page emphasized that Google Fiber is still in its very early stages in Kansas City. “It’s been great to see the success there with the initial roll-out,” he said. “We are excited about the possibilities there.”

Pichette added that Google views super-fast Internet as an exciting business and growth opportunity for Google. He said that while the company’s current focus is on debugging the process and improving the user experience, expansion is being considered.

“We are going to continue to look at the possibility of expanding,” he said, suggesting that super-fast Internet is “what people are dying to get everywhere.”

“Last month Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said Google was delivering 760 megabits per second to the customer, and taking 720 megabits a second from customers. He made the remarks during the New York Times Dealbook conference in New York,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Google did not say which cities it may target for expansion. Installation status for Kansas and Missouri fiberhoods can be accessed on the Google Fiber site.