New Trends in Field Reporting: iPhone Documentary Takes on Syria

  • A reporter for Al Jazeera took his iPhone into Syria to report on the fighting between Syrian forces and the revolutionaries.
  • “The 25 minute documentary, ‘Syria: Songs of Defiance,’ aired on Al Jazeera’s show ‘People & Power’ last month,” reports Mashable. “Al Jazeera has not released the reporter’s name for safety reasons.”
  • This is a view you will not see on the major news networks. The undercover report provides clarity and perspective for a Western audience that is missing in the raw footage uploaded to YouTube by locals and “citizen journalists.”
  • The reporter explains that taking a camera into the region would have been extremely risky, but traveling with a phone does not draw as much attention. Precautions are still necessary, however, since the Syrian government recently banned iPhone usage.
  • Clearly, this video could not have been captured using a traditional news crew. This may represent the future of journalism.
  • The video is included at the bottom of the report.

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