Networking Startup Nicira Unveils Network Virtualization Platform

  • Nicira claims its network virtualization platform (NVP) can create virtual networks in minutes, rather than days or weeks. The concept is similar to creating multiple virtual machines on a single PC.
  • These NVPs are software-based, do not require any additional hardware and can run on any existing network hardware. The only requirement is IP connectivity.
  • “On Monday the company is officially taking the wraps off its plans,” reports AllThingsD. “Nicira — which I’m told is pronounced like ‘nice era’ — aims to be the vendor of a new networking technology that’s built specifically for the age of cloud computing.”
  • AT&T, eBay, Fidelity Investments, Rackspace and NTT are already using Nicira. NTT reportedly used it to switch 10,000 virtual machines to other data centers to deal with blackouts that have occurred since last year’s earthquake.
  • A virtual network would have the potential to significantly impact current network vendors like Cisco, Juniper and HP.

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