Mountain Lion and Windows 8 Make the Desktop More Like Mobile

  • Microsoft and Apple are integrating mobile features, interfaces and capabilities into their desktop operating systems.
  • Apple’s Mac OS X 10.8 (known as Mountain Lion), will include notifications, reminders, Twitter integration, iMessage, and iCloud synchronization.
  • Windows 8 will incorporate ARM support, the Windows Phone 7 Metro interface, an app store, improved mobile broadband support and instant-on/off abilities.
  • The moves are reportedly intended to emulate the mobile devices and make it easier for users who want a more mobile and tablet experience.
  • In a related article, David Pogue highlights the new features of Apple’s Mountain Lion: Apple will update the Mac OS X yearly and a free iCloud account will synch Notes, Reminders, Messages and Game Center across your Apple devices.
  • Additionally, Game Center is now available on the Mac so you can play some 20,000 games against 100 million people via their iPhones and iPads. Apple TV users can display their Mac screens on TV at 720p resolution. iWork apps can save to iCloud. Gatekeeper controls which apps you install for increased protection against malware and viruses. Screen-sharing with another Mac allows you to share files.
  • Mountain Lion will be available this summer. Windows 8 is expected later this year.

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