Listen Feature on Facebook Musician Pages Plays Music via Streaming Apps

  • Facebook is making it easier for fans to listen to music through Musician Pages with a new “Listen” button right beside the “Like” button.
  • The button launches the user’s most frequently used Facebook music streaming app — or if there isn’t one, prompts users to set up a service like Spotify, Rdio or MOG.
  • When a user hovers over the “Listen” button, it will indicate which service it requires to play the songs or album.
  • This new function won’t bring in a lot of revenue for artists who get very small streaming royalties, but it could help capture fans, getting them to “fall in love with their recorded music,” suggests TechCrunch.
  • “Overall, this is a smart build-out of Facebook’s music partnerships from f8, and the synchronous “Listen With” feature it added in January,” adds the post. “This could make Facebook Pages your first stop when you want to check out a new band.”
  • For now, the button is only available on the Web, but TechCrunch is hopeful a mobile version will eventually follow. “Down the line, Facebook could even add a similar ‘Watch’ button to TV show and movies Pages that would launch Hulu or Netflix,” the post states.

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