Google+ Logged 61 Million Visits in March: Start of an Upswing?

  • A report from Experian Hitwise found that March was a good month for Google+. The new social network that has been criticized as being a ghost town, experienced 27 percent growth last month and had a total of 61 million visits.
  • The report comes shortly after Google CEO Larry Page claimed that Google+ now has 100 million active users, although he didn’t specify how he defines “active.”
  • This is good news for Google after an earlier report from comScore saw that Facebook usage dwarfed that of Google+, where users spent an average of 3.3 minutes in January compared with Facebook’s average of 7.5 hours.
  • “Google, which took issue with that data, asserted that 50 million users access ‘Google+-enhanced’ products daily and that 100 million do so once per month. However, ‘Google+-enhanced’ includes YouTube, Google Play and the company’s homepage,” Mashable reports.

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