Google Drive to Compete with Dropbox: Is Google the New Microsoft?

  • “The search engine and online advertising giant replaced its popular Google Docs service with Google Drive, a cloud computing storage service designed to directly compete with start-up Dropbox,” reports Patexia. “This raises the question, has Google become the new Microsoft?”
  • The commentary suggests that Google Drive is an example of how a company waited for others to innovate and then essentially copied the innovation (as Google arguably did with its Dropbox-like Drive service).
  • Due to the company’s size and resources, Google can offer their version of the product at a loss for years, effectively starving the competition out of business.
  • By having large companies like Google effectively compromise smaller competitors, innovation suffers.
  • “Google can’t bully everyone. Its main competitors in the world of tech are Microsoft, Facebook and Apple. Google can try to push those companies around, but it likely won’t do a whole lot,” comments Nick Pell via Patexia. “Only companies with the resources and connections of Google are able to push back against them. This hardly makes for a good environment for innovation.”

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