Digital Television Lessons from the New York Television Festival

  • At the New York Festival, representatives from AOL, College Humor, YouTube, Blip, MySpace, MSN and others converged in panels to discuss television in the digital age. GigaOM gives a brief overview of the four-hour event that was live-streamed and archived online.
  • “Research matters” according to folks at CW Digital who have received show pitches from people who have no understanding of the company or its audience.
  • “The great content creators, according to everyone on the Development panel, understand more than just making content — specifically, how to market that content on a social media level,” GigaOM writes.
  • To get more draw online, pick up celebrities with strong Twitter followings over celebrities who don’t; also, web celebs can create extra attention online.
  • Don’t just hire people who are in it for the money – find people who actually understand and care about digital.
  • At the beginning, avoid exclusivity. Then, as the show develops, look for companies offering good deals with an emphasis on strong promotion to get the necessary push in an increasingly crowded market.
  • Check out the YouTube Creator Handbook to get more views.
  • The homegrown web series Lizzie Bennet Diaries from Hank Green and Bernie Su is teaming up with DECA.
  • Facebook’s decision to remove email addresses from user profiles has made it harder for Mark Malkoff to book celebrities for his Celebrity Sleepovers series. Even with the show’s notable guest list, the iJustine episode has been by far the most viewed segment of the series.
  • Blip CEO says “YouTube can be a great way to build your audience, but it’s not the only way to build your audience.”
  • Creators should experiment with various platforms and determine which works best for their content.
  • MySpace Entertainment president defends keeping the brand name because of past artists’ success on the platform.

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