Created by Humans: AI Rights Licensing Platform for Creators

Created by Humans, a company that aims to make it easy for creators to be compensated when their work is used for AI model training, has emerged from stealth with $5 million in funding. Positioning itself as “the AI rights licensing platform for creators,” the company was launched by Trip Adler, formerly the CEO of document sharing service and publishing platform Scribd. Noted author Walter Isaacson is an investor and creative advisor. In streamlining the licensing process, Created by Humans hopes to spare individuals and smaller companies from the proposition of engaging in costly litigation against LLM firms.

“Created by Humans aims to be a platform where creators of videos, images, music and even medical data can sell licensing rights for AI training, but given Adler’s experience and relationships in the publishing world, the startup is first launching with a service for authors and book publishers,” TechCrunch reports.

Isaacson has signed on as “a creative advisor and inaugural author whose work AI companies can license,” according to TechCrunch, which says the funding round “was led by All-In podcast co-host and Craft Ventures founder David Sacks and Mike Maples, co-founder of Floodgate Fund.”

Created by Humans has built a platform that lets creatives submit work for which AI companies can choose “to purchase specific elements with predefined usage rights,” TechCrunch explains, adding that “the exact details of its licensing agreement are still evolving.”

Adler tells TechCrunch the company is “trying to broker a three-way deal between authors, publishers and the AI industry,” a complicated undertaking, “but we’re making great progress.” In doing so, Created by Humans is embracing a philosophy called the Fourth Law that it hopes to establish as “a set of guiding principles for how AI companies can use and train on human-created content.”

Inspired by the “three laws of robots,” created by author Isaac Asimov, it says “humans should have the right to consent and control how AI uses their work and be compensated (if requested) and credited for their work (if a book is referenced in the output, there should be a link to buy it),” TechCrunch summarizes.

Created by Humans isn’t the only startup focusing on creator compensation for model training, Axios reports, noting that in March a company called TollBit raised $7 million around the premise of letting publishers provide verified content to AI companies for a fee.

In an earlier report, TechCrunch mentioned Human Native, founded by a former Google DeepMind engineer, also entering the space.

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